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National Rifle Association | NRA-ILA News

Pennsylvania: Sunday Hunting Legislation Still Open to Co-sponsorship in the Keystone State

As previously reported, Representative Frank Farina (D-112) and Representative Robert Godshall (R-53) have circulated a memo for co-sponsorship of a NRA-backed Sunday hunting bill.  This legislation, yet to be assigned a number, would permit hunting on Sundays in the state of Pennsylvania.

How NRA altered the race for Gabby Gifford’s old Arizona seat

One of the most difficult 2014 congressional races, from the NRA’s perspective, took place in Arizona, where former Rep.Gabrielle Gifford’s one-time chief of staff was running for re-election. Ron Barber had been elected in 2012 after Gifford was shot by a mentally unbalanced shooter in 2011. As she was recovering, Gifford emerged as a major public advocate for firearms restrictions.  

Delaware: Hearing for Legislation that Violates Due Process Postponed

As previously reported, the Delaware Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to hear Senate Bill 83 next week.  Your NRA-ILA has learned that this hearing has been postponed and has not yet been rescheduled for a hearing.

Maine: Senate Vote on “Constitutional Carry” Legislation Delayed Until Tomorrow

The state Senate has postponed the vote on the constitutional/permitless carry bill, Legislative Document 652, until tomorrow, May 28.

South Carolina: “Domestic Violence Reform Act” Moves to House for Concurrence Before All Changes are Made

The Senate passed S 3, the “Domestic Violence Reform Act,” yesterday by a unanimous vote and sent it to the House to be considered for concurrence. 

Ohio: Employer Parking Lot Legislation Circulating Legislature

Currently, Senator Joe Uecker (R-14) is circulating a memo for co-sponsorship that would allow an employee to store a firearm in their locked vehicle without fear of employer retribution.

D.C. asks that gun carrying restriction remain in effect

D.C. officials have asked a judge to let the city enforce a central element of its restrictive concealed-carry law — the requirement that handgun owners demonstrate a “good reason” for a permit to carry — while a lawsuit over the matter works its way through the federal court system.

Texas House tentatively OKs 'campus carry' proposal

The House on Tuesday tentatively approved a GOP-backed “campus carry” proposal, but only after a bizarre ending in which Democrats struck a deal to allow a vote on the measure before a hard midnight deadline.

Nevada: Campus carry gun bill could be sent to Assembly floor soon

A controversial bill that would allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry their guns on Nevada college campuses was given a brief hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and could soon move to the full Assembly for a vote.

Oregon: Gun Bills Scheduled for Hearings, Your Action Needed

Tomorrow, the Oregon Legislature has scheduled work sessions for both Senate Bill 913, the ivory regulation bill, and House Bill 3093, a bill to improve Oregon’s concealed carry reciprocity. 

North Carolina: Important Pro-Hunting Legislation to be Heard in Senate Committee Tomorrow

Tomorrow, May 26, at 10:00 a.m., the Senate Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Committee is scheduled to hear House Bill 640, the Outdoor Heritage Act, in Room 544 of the Legislative Office Building.  

Illinois: Bill to Increase Opportunities for Hunters Needs Your Help

Recently, Senate Bill 1422 was amended to increase opportunities for hunters. SB 1422, as amended in the House, would expand hunting opportunities in the Collar counties by allowing the use of crossbows during the deer archery season.

Maine: “Constitutional Carry” Legislation to Receive Senate Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow, May 27, the Maine Senate is scheduled to vote on constitutional carry legislation, Legislative Document 652.  Sponsored by Senator Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin), this NRA-backed “Constitutional/Permitless Carry” legislation would recognize the right of all residents of Maine who are not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a firearm to carry concealed without obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP).

California: Several Firearm-Related Bills to be Heard this Week

The below listed bills are expected to be heard as early as this Thursday, May 28 in their respective state Assembly or Senate Committee on Appropriations. 

Woman fells charging bear, The Missoulian, Missoula, Mont. 05/21/15

Brandy Taylor and her husband were watching a movie at home in St. Regis, Mont. when they heard a suspicious noise near their garbage. Taylor’s husband went outside to investigate and came upon a black bear. The bear charged him and then turned its attention to Taylor, who was near an open window. Taylor responded by retrieving a .22-250 rifle and felling the bear with one shot. (The Missoulian, Missoula, Mont. 05/21/15)

Midnight Deadline Looms on SB 11: Urge House Members To Pass Meaningful Campus Carry Legislation

During the years in which the Texas Legislature has failed to pass campus carry legislation, high-profile shootings have occurred at the University of Texas at Austin and just blocks from the Texas A&M campus in College Station.  A multiple-stabbing incident in which more than a dozen people were wounded took place at Lone Star College's Cy-Fair campus. 

New Hampshire: Constitutional Carry Bill Soon to be on Governor's Desk

NRA-backed Right-to-Carry reform legislation, Senate Bill 116, was recently passed by the New Hampshire House, as previously reported. This legislation is now on the Senate calendar awaiting a final concurrence vote before being sent to Governor Maggie Hassan for her consideration.  SB 116, sponsored by state Senator Bradley (R), is critical pro-gun legislation that would expand your Second Amendment rights

New York: Fight Continues Against SAFE Act and Dozens of Other Anti-Gun Bills

Lawmakers are entering the final weeks of the 2015 legislative session in Albany, and NRA continues to focus its efforts on the partial and/or complete repeal of the SAFE Act.  We are also actively engaged and working against the hundreds of anti-gun bills that remain in the hopper. 

2 gun rights bills expected to get final votes in Texas

Two bills to expand gun rights that had been expected to fly through the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature have instead hit several snags and will need a big push during this final week of the session if they are to become law.

Lott: Where's the coverage of heroes who stop mass killings?

Heroic citizens stopping someone from killing a large number of people don’t seem to be considered news worthy. Don’t people want to read about a brave soul risking his life by running towards the sound of gunfire while others run away? Yet, such stories never get national news coverage by the national mainstream media.

Alabama: Bill respecting Right-to-Carry in vehicles without a permit passes Senate

The Alabama Senate passed a bill today that would allow gun owners to carry and transport loaded handguns in their vehicle without a concealed carry permit.

Nevada: New 'campus-carry' bill alive at Legislature

The "campus-carry" bill was resurrected Friday at the Nevada Legislature after it seemingly died on Thursday when the Assembly failed to amend it to a multi-faceted senate gun bill.

Nevada Senate approves “Pop Tart gun” bill; goes to governor

Nevada lawmakers have approved a Republican-backed bill barring schools from punishing students for playing with toy guns.

India: Will new norms liberalise access of guns to those in power, but ignore security of the common man?

A devout Hindu, Rampal Lodhi follows every ritual. He shuns non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays, fasts on full-moon days and even encourages his family to take part in religious ceremonies in his village of Gadhiya in Etah district, roughly 207 km from Delhi. But, unlike most other Hindus, he neither goes to any temple nor believes in idol worship."Bandook mera bhagwaan hai. Isne mujhe aur mere parivaar ko bachaya hai [The gun is my God. It has saved me and my family]," declares Lodhi. For over three decades, the 55-year-old farmer says he has borne the brunt of exploitation by the landed class in his village. That he has managed to protect himself and his family, he claims, is largely thanks to a gun he got in 2005 after 20 years of trying.
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