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National Rifle Association | NRA-ILA News

Political Report: On Campus Carry, We’ve Only Begun To Fight

For the better part of a generation, we’ve been working to eliminate state laws that make it either difficult or impossible to legally carry a concealed handgun for protection while away from home. When we started, 40 states had those kinds of laws. Today, only eight states and the District of Columbia fit that category. Of course, we’re continuing to try to get that number to zero. We’re also working to achieve total carry permit reciprocity among the 50 states and to defend or advance “stand your ground” laws.

Bloomberg poaching Gray Lady talent for ‘fast commentary’ project

Bloomberg View, the opinion-writing wing of Bloomberg News, is looking to hire about 30 reporters — and has poached a top Times’ DealBook editor — for a new “fast commentary” operation that will provide context for breaking news.Michael Bloomberg has used the editorial vehicle to push his political views and causes such as gun control. The former mayor reportedly explored buying the New York Times in the past, although he denies it.

Court upholds Florida law restricting doctor-patient speech about guns

Yesterday, the 11th Circuit handed down a substantially revised opinion in Wollschlaeger v. Governor, the Florida “Docs vs. Glocks” case. (I’d been following the controversy for quite a while, but didn’t have a chance to blog about the earlier opinion, which was handed down a year ago.) The court upheld the law, which limits doctors’ speech to their patients about the patients’ gun ownership. But I think the court is mistaken, and the law should have been held to violate the First Amendment. I share many people’s skepticism about much of the “public health” anti-gun advocacy; but I think this is no basis for suppressing doctors’ speech this way.

Lott: Don't leave our military personnel defenseless

Anytime, anyplace, terrorists can strike. With just his signature, President Obama could eliminate the gun-free zone policies that leave our military personnel defenseless. Late last week, Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature called on Gov. Tom Wolf to exercise the same authority for the state National Guard.

Gun rights advocates blast L.A. magazine restriction

It was already illegal to buy ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds in California, but soon those living in Los Angeles won’t be able to possess them either.Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says he will sign a measure passed by the city council that gives residents 60 days to turn in or otherwise get rid of ammunition magazines exceeding 10 rounds, even if they bought them before California’s assault weapons law went into effect in 2000.

South Dakota: Training Course Set for Enhanced Concealed Carry Gun Permit

Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that rules for the enhanced concealed carry gun permit were approved last week by the Interim Rules Committee. September 23, 2015 has been set aside for the initial training class to be held at the George S. Mickelson Criminal Justice Center in Pierre. Instruction for this class will be provided by National Rifle Association certified instructors and the Division of Criminal Investigation.

Store owner uses semi-automatic rifle to repel armed robbers, WISN, Milwaukee, Wis. 07/27/15, WITI, Milwaukee, Wis. 07/27/15

Rami Murrar, owner of Bouchard’s clothing store in Milwaukee, Wisc., was tending to his establishment when at around 4 a.m. a van smashed into the security doors and concrete posts protecting his store. A daring organized heist; after the van broke through the doors, three armed men attempted to gain access to the store. Murrar responded to the threat by retrieving a semi-automatic rifle and firing at the armed intruders, striking one and causing all to flee. A short time later police caught up with one of the suspected robbers at a local hospital. Following the incident, Murrar told a local news outlet, “It was a lot of guys out there. So I believe if they would've gotten through that door, I would've been dead, so that's the reason I reached for my gun.” Despite his successful experience with armed self-defense, Murrar made clear he did not relish the position he was placed in and showed mercy towards his attackers, stating, “I'm glad the guy made it. Again, I didn't come to work that night or that day to kill somebody, so I hope he recovers from what happened, and he learns a lesson and be a good message for all the young guys out there."

NRA Thanks Alabama Attorney General for Defending Gun Rights

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today commended Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange for upholding the Second Amendment rights of Alabamans. After reviewing and investigating complaints from citizens about state and local policies that prevented law-abiding gun owners from exercising their Second Amendment rights, AG Strange issued determinations that resulted in policy changes to protect the people’s right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Vote for NRA-ILA to Help it Beat the Anti-Gunners!

It doesn't get much easier than this. By going to, then scrolling down to click on "National Rifle Association - ILA (Lobbying Arm)," and "Submit Your Vote" at the bottom, you can help NRA-ILA win money from gun control supporters, which will help ILA fight for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The gun control supporters have been ordered by a federal judge to pay nearly $112,000 to Tennessee ammunition vendor Lucky Gunner, one of several businesses against which the anti-gunners filed a frivolous lawsuit backed by the Brady Campaign’s legal arm, the Brady Center. Lucky Gunner has promised to donate the anti-gunners’ cash to the pro-gun organization receiving the most votes from the public.

Florida Alert! Appeals Court UPHOLDS NRA Supported "Docs vs. Glocks" Gun Law

In 2011, at the urging of the NRA and Unified Sportsmen of Florida, the Florida Legislature passed  HB-155 by Rep. Jason Brodeur & Sen. Greg Evers  to stop doctors from interrogating patients about gun ownership and entering gun ownership information into medical databases -- thereby creating a de facto database of gun owners. 

L.A. City Council bans standard-capacity magazines

Defying sharp warnings from gun rights groups, Los Angeles thrust itself into the national debate over gun control Tuesday, as city lawmakers voted unanimously to ban the possession of firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Florida: Appeals court upholds patient privacy law

For the second time in little more than a year, a federal appeals court Tuesday upheld a controversial Florida law that restricts doctors from asking questions and recording information about patients’ gun ownership.

Minnesota National Guard, other military personnel wouldn't need firearm permit under GOP proposal

Minnesota National Guard members and other active-duty military personnel should be able to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, a small group of Republican state lawmakers said Monday.

VA doctor regrets post telling gun advocate to ‘off’ himself

A Department of Veterans Affairs psychiatrist said Tuesday he regrets a Facebook post suggesting that a gun-rights supporter “off” himself.

Lott: More Americans carry guns - and feel safer

Americans are increasingly convinced that owning a gun makes them safer.A new Rasmussen poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans (68 percent) "feel safer in a neighborhood where guns are allowed." And a series of polls by Gallup, the Pew Research Center, and ABC News and the Washington Post show similar results.
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