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After the successful fulfillment of a military requirement Arsenal Inc. has released the SM-13K to the commercial market. This side-attaching scope mount for the AK variant rifles was born to meet and exceed the toughest objectives put in front of Arsenal Inc. The one-piece CNC precision machined SM-13K is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the minimum weight (only 4.88 ounces) and maximum strength. - The 5-inches-long Picatinny rail that runs along the rifle from the end of the top cover to the rear peep sight allows for attaching multiple devices at the same time or one device for the maximum eye relief. The SM-13K follows the contour of the rifle closely. The absolute low profile and the relief cut along the rail allow the use of hinged top covers with integrated sights even when the scope mount is attached to the rifle. - The SM-13K utilizes the time-proven steel adjustable locking mechanism that allows instantaneous attachment and release of the scope mount without any compromise to the accuracy and loss of zero. Unlike some other mounts that attach to unstable top covers or gas tubes the SM-13K attaches to the side scope rail of an AK variant rifle which provides the most stable attaching platform on the rifle.

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