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About Us

Cactus Tactical

Cactus Tactical opened in 1999 as a specialized retailer of high end tactical equipment for such vendors as Safariland, Viking Tactics and Yankee Hill Machine.  After years of customer service dedication and product focus and development, the company has grown exponentially but still strives to offer exclusive, high end products from 
 elite manufacturers.  Exclusive relationships with Invictus Practical, Viking Tactics, Taccom, Nordic Components allow cutting edge products to be offered on our virtual web store.  Cactus Tactical is dedicated to providing unsurpassed tactical product availability and customer service to those who trust us to provide equipment and gear to them, while continuing to grow and add new products in an ever changing market.

Since 1998, Cactus Tactical is the source for self defense gear, tactical gear, competition gear, shooting supplies and tactical equipment. Supplying tactical gear from Nordic Components, Invictus Practical, GG&G, Yankee Hill Machine and many other companies.

Offering tactical equipment, self defense gear, competition accessories and shooting supplies to military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and directly to military, law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts. We specialize in finding innovative, high quality, bleeding edge shooting supplies, competition accessories, self defense gear and police gear, with 100% practical functionality at a reasonable cost. Our tactical equipment and shooting supplies  have been tested and endorsed by law enforcement agencies as well as military worldwide.

When it comes to tactical gear, we know that each and every person has their own thoughts as far as brand, style, color etc. This is the reason why we carry a large inventory and selection of tactical gear brands. If you do not see it, its probably not tactical! We have a large inventory of tactical gear from top brands like Nordic Components, Blackhawk, Streamlight, Invictus Practical, Viking Tactics, Safariland, Magpul, GG&G, and many others! If you don't see it, please take a moment and SEARCH as the exact item you're looking for just might be hanging out in another section. 

Cactus Tactical will evolve and expand our tactical gear, shooting supplies, law enforcement accessories and self defense gear lines to meet our customers needs in a changing world. If you do not see the tactical equipment or accessories needed, send us an  email to inquire about availability.