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Auto Ordnance

Auto-Ordnance Corporation was bought in 1999 by Saelio Entrerprises Inc., parent company of Kahr Arms. Kahr continues to make semi-automatic-only "Thompson Carbines" in .45 ACP. Although they appear identical to their selective-fire (full-auto) predecessors, unlike those the new production Thompsons fire from a closed bolt rather than the open bolt of the original Thompson design. Variations include the "Chicago Typewriter" 1927A-1 which resemble the Model 1921AC of the gangster era; the 1927A-1 "Commando" which resembles the early World War II Model 1928A1 Thompson with the Cutts Compensator; the TM1 which resembles the later World War II M1 Thompson with the side-mounted bolt handle; and a "Thompson pistol" that essentially is an M1928 without the buttstock. The company also manufactures replicas of the U.S. World War II M1 carbine  and M1911 pistol.
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