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Masterpiece Arms

Masterpiece Arms - Bringing quality engineering and manufacturing to a proven product line is the sole focus of MasterPiece Arms.

The MAC 10 and MAC 11 have long been a part of the American firearms history, but not until recently have innovations allowed the progress and options of the current line of MACs from the MasterPiece Arms collection. A simple redesign of the cocking mechanism opens up new worlds and new options for the MAC. It allows the ability to extend the range by offering sighting options via a rail system. It allows the once confined MAC to be formed into a rifle system, further extending the range and offering plinkers or varmint hunters the option for a true blow back system, lowering ammunition cost and giving the tactical look and feel so popular in today‚Äôs market.

There is nothing that will catch the attention of a fellow gun enthusiast like the MAC. We invite you to explore the MasterPiece Arms product line. The MAC is back, and its better than ever before.
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